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ZARA GREY COPINGS - Light Grey Coping Stones

Zara Grey sandstone coping is made up of grey shades. Very trendy and creates a beautiful continuity from the walls in the front yard to the pool area. Cover up damaged concrete steps to give an elegant look.

ZARA SLATE GREY COPINGS - Dark Grey Coping Stones

Zara Slate Grey sandstone coping is made up of dark grey shades. Creates majestic steps and ideal for freshing up your exisiting area.

ZARA BROWN COPINGS - Dark Brown Coping Stones

Zara Brown sandstone coping is made up of light and dark brown tones. Blends harmoniously with any exterior design, more over its striking earth tones are ideal for tying up spaces together.

ZARA FOSSIL COPINGS - Light Cream to Dark Green with Fossil Imprint Coping Stones

Zara Fossil sandstone coping is made up of predominantly buff and mint with a mixture of yellow and sienna. This is enhanced with a scattering of leaf prints on some stones to create a unique fossil effect. Creates a rich appearance.

ZARA WHITE MINT COPINGS - Light Cream, Off White Coping Stones

Zara White sandstone coping is made up of a beautiful off white color variation whilst maintaining a blended appearance. Come in sawn and sandblasted finish that creates a trendy project

ZARA BEIGE COPINGS - Beige Coping Stones

Zara Beige sandstone coping is made up light peachy beige color.

ZARA IMPERIAL BLACK COPINGS - Dark Grey & Black Coping Stones

Zara Imperial Black sandstone coping is made up of natural black with shades of grey and yellow at the edges. The textured surface adds style and originality. Suited for pool edges, wall capping or building stair steps

ZARA BUFF COPINGS - Yellow, Gray, Green Coping Stones

Zara Buff limestone coping is made up of hints of yellow, gray and green colors. Creates a modern yet classic signature landscapes that never goes out of style.


Zara Kota Black limestone coping is made up of black with subtle undertones of blue. Stands out with its contrasting and matching colors. Offers a unique wealth of possibilities.

ZARA SILVER GREY COPINGS - White and Grey Coping Stones

Zara Silver Grey limestone coping is made up of vibrant shades of grey and white undertones. Its flamed surface replicates European stones that offers endless creative opportunities.

ZARA BRONZE COPINGS - Brown Coping Stones

Zara Bronze limestone coping is made up brown and beige shades. Provides a rich texture of striking and distinctive shades that provides a beautiful visual aspect.

ZARA SILVER VALLEY COPINGS - Sparking Grey Coping Stones

Zara Silver Valley Granite coping..

ZARA JET BLACK COPINGS - Sparking Black Coping Stones

Zara Jet Black Granite coping..

ZARA CARRARA WHITE COPING - Silver White Coping Stones

Zara Carrara White Sandstone coping..

ZARA ANTIQUE BLACK COPINGS - Beige Black Brown Coping Stones

Zara Antique Black coping..

ZARA LAVENDER COPINGS - Golden Brown Green Coping Stones

Zara Lavender Sandstone coping..

ZARA BRONTE COPINGS - Golden Brown Green Waivy Coping Stones

Zara Bronte Sandstone coping..

ZARA FINE GREY COPINGS - Dark Grey Coping Stones

Zara Fine Grey Granite coping..

ZARA SMOOTH BRONTE POOL COPING - Smooth Golden Brown Green Veins Pool Coping

Zara Bronte Pool coping smooth surface..


Zara Carrara Pool coping smooth surface..


Zara Red Wine Pool coping smooth surface..

ZARA SMOOTH BROWN WAVE POOL COPING - Smooth Brown Striped Pool Coping

Zara Brown Wave Pool coping smooth surface..


Zara Basaltina Pool coping smooth surface..

ZARA SMOOTH BLACK POOL COPING - Smooth Black Sandblasted Pool Coping

Zara Mountain Black Pool coping smooth surface..
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Zara Natural Stones Inc., offers a wide variety of Premium Quality Natural Stone copings. These natural stone Pool Copings & Natural Stone Wall Copings can be used to create stylish cascading stairs, magnificently finished patio walls and pool edgings. Coping are also known as wall coping, swimming pool coping, coping stones, pool coping stone, cope stone, cope stones, wall capping and capping stone. For coping stone prices, please give us a call or send us an email.

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Zara Grey Copings,
Zara Slate Grey Copings,
Zara Lavender Copings,
Zara Brown Copings,
Zara Beige Copings,
Zara Kota Black Copings,
Zara Imperial Black Copings,
Zara Silver Grey Copings,
Zara Bronte Copings,
Zara Bronze Copings,
Zara White Mint Copings,
Zara Buff Copings,
Zara Silver Valley Copings,
Zara Jet Black Copings

AVAILABLE - Pool Copings / Wall Copings / Landing Treads

Texture / Finish

Natural Top Surface & Calibrated Bottom Surface

Sawn, Rockfaced and Bullnosed

Length - 24", 48", 60" and 72"
Width - 12", 14" and 16"

2" Bottom Calibrated & 3" Bottom Calibrated

Due to natural stone characteristics, some variation in shade is inevitable.

    36" x 12"
    48" x 12"
    60" x 12"
    72" x 12"
    36" x 14"
    48" x 14"
    60" x 14"
    72" x 14"
    36" x 16"
    48" x 16"
    60" x 16"
    72" x 16"
    Thickness 50 mm 2"
    Top Surface Natural
    Top Surface Flamed
    Top Surface Honed
    Bottom Calibrated
    Bottom Gauged
    Edges Hand Dressed
    Edges Hand Cut
    Edges Machine Cut
    Edges Sawn
    Edges Bullnosed
    Drip Edge
    Grey Coping Stones
    Slate Grey Coping Stones
    Brown Coping Stones
    Green Coping Stones
    Lavender Coping Stones
    Bronte Coping Stones
    Kota Black Coping Stones
    Kota Brown Coping Stones
    Kota Blue Coping Stones
    Flint Coping Stones
    Mint Coping Stones
    Fossil Coping Stones
    Imperial Black Coping Stones
    Beige Coping Stones
    Silver Grey Coping Stones
    Limestone Copings
    Sandstone Copings
    Natural Stone Copings
    Pool Surround Copings
    Swimming Pool Copings
    Granite Copings
    Imported Indian Stone Copings
    Travertine Copings
    3" Copings
    2" Copings
    75mm Copings
    Step Treads
    Natural Stone Treads
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