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Zara Grey Steps - Light Grey Steps

Zara Grey sandstone steps is made up of grey shades. Suited to traditional and contemporary landscape designs and is a hard wearing natural stone which requires minimal maintenance.

Zara Blue Ice Steps - Bluish Grey Steps

Zara Blue Ice sandstone steps.....

Zara Slate Grey Steps - Dark Grey Steps

Zara Slate Grey sandstone steps is made up of dark grey shades. Suited for endless designing, it adds another dimension and compliments your planting / patio area.

Zara Desert Brown Steps - Light Brown Steps

Zara Desert Brown sandstone steps is made up of an even light brown shades which give a cool timeless and natural look.

Zara Brown Steps - Dark Brown Steps

Zara Brown sandstone steps is made up of light and dark brown tones. Suited to traditional landscapes designs and is a hard wearing natural stone which requires minimal maintenance.

Zara Lavender Steps - Light Shades Steps

Zara Lavender sandstone steps is made up of soft lighter shades with slight variations for a sophisticated ambiance. Suited to traditional landscape designs, its colorful blend will enhance the beauty of any project.

Zara Beige Steps - Beige Steps

Zara Beige sandstone steps made up of light peachy beige color. Creates an appealing design and lustrous look.

Zara Imperial Black Steps - Dark Grey & Black Steps

Zara Imperial Black sandstone steps is made up of natural black with shades of grey and yellow at the edges. Extensively popular and suited for large landscaping projects.

Zara Crema Steps - Creamish White Steps

Zara Crema Sandstone steps...

Zara Carrara Steps - Off White Steps

Zara Carrara Sandstone steps...

Zara Flint Steps - Shades of Beige, Grey & Brown Steps

Zara Flint sandstone steps is made up of light brown with slight variation in color. Suited to many landscaping applications.

SANDSTONE with Imprints

Zara Bronte Steps - Dark Shades Steps

Zara Bronte sandstone steps is made up of a rich blend of fawn colouring with stunning naturally occuring swirls.

Zara Fossil Steps - Light Cream to Dark Green with Fossil Imprint Steps

Zara Fossil sandstone steps is made up of predominantly buff and mint with a mixture of yellow and sienna. This is enhanced with a scattering of leaf prints on some stones to create a unique fossil effect.

SANDSTONE with Flat Surface

Zara Ivory Steps - Light Cream, Off White Steps

Zara White Mint sandstone steps is made up of a beautiful off white color variation whilst maintaining a blended appearance. Suitable for many applications especially pool surrounds.

Zara Brown Wave Steps - Waivy Brown Steps

Zara Brown Wave sandstone steps consist of waves of dark brown and hints of light brown and charcoal grey. A ridged surface that conveys a sense of warmth and comfort with a contemporary yet timeless classic look.

Zara Red Wine Steps - Red Steps

Zara Red Wine Sandstone steps...

Zara Venetian Grey Steps - Sandblasted Grey Steps

Zara Venetian Grey Sandstone steps...

LIMESTONE with Flat Surface

Zara Buff Steps - Yellow, Gray, Green Steps

Zara Buff limestone steps is made up of hints of yellow, gray and green colors. Suited for the most natural landscapes, enjoy the timeless style right at your home.

Zara Kota Black Steps - Black Steps

Zara Kota Black limestone steps predominatly made up of black with subtle undertones of blue. With time fades, can add modern finish to your landscaping project.

Zara Silver Grey Steps - Grey Steps

Zara Silver Grey limestone steps made up of vibrant shades of grey and white undertones. The excellent density and smooth feel enhance the classic and sophisticated look. Is becoming one of our most popular collections with it's smooth appearance and consistent colour.

Zara Bronze Steps - Brown Steps

Zara Bronze limestone steps made up brown shades. Very desirable and thoroughly interesting, it provides a fascinating talking point when barbequing with friends.

Zara Silver Valley Steps - Grey Steps

Zara Silver Valley granite steps made up of vibrant shades of grey and white undertones. Is becoming one of our most popular collections due to its similarities to silver valley limestone, only better with added non-slip qualities.

Zara Antique Black Steps - Waivy Black Steps

Zara Antique Black Limestone steps consist of waves of charcoal black and hints of light white, charcoal grey and black. A ridged surface that conveys a sense of warmth and comfort with a contemporary yet timeless classic look.

Zara Graphite Grey Steps - Bush Hammered Grey Steps

Zara Graphite Grey Limestone steps...


Zara Jet Black Steps - Black Granite Steps

Zara Jet Black granite steps made up of vibrant shades of black, grey and white undertones. A high end granite steps yet very affordable. Is becoming one of our most popular collections.

Zara Salt & Pepper Steps - Black Dots on White Steps

Zara Salt & Pepper Granite steps...

Zara Black Pearl Natural Stone Steps - Ebony Black Granite Steps

Zara Black Pearl Granite steps...

Paradiso Steps - Red Veins on Cream Steps

Zara Paradiso Granite steps...

Fine Grey Steps - Grey Steps

Zara Fine Grey Granite steps...

Amber Steps - Beige Steps

Zara Amber Granite steps...

Zara Mountain Black Steps - Shiny Black Steps

Zara Mountain Black Granite steps...


Zara Brazilian Grey Steps - Rough Black Steps

Zara Brazilian Black Slate steps...


Zara Basaltina Steps - Sandblasted Black Steps

Zara Basaltina Black Basalt steps...


Zara Porphyry Steps - Reddish Beige Steps

Zara Porphry Volcano Stone steps...

LIMESTONE With Sawn Edges

Zara Antique Black Stone Steps - Waivy Black Steps

Zara Antique limestone Steps consist of waves of dark brown and hints of light white, charcoal grey and black. A ridged surface that conveys a sense of warmth and comfort with a contemporary yet timeless classic look.

Zara Jet Black Stone Steps - Black Granite Steps

Zara Jet Black granite sawn steps made up of vibrant shades of black, grey and white undertones. A high end granite steps yet very affordable. Is becoming one of our most popular collections.
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Algonquin Brown Natural Stone Steps,
Amber Natural Stone Steps,
Antique Black Natural Stone Steps,
Autumn Brown Natural Stone Steps,
Basaltina Natural Stone Steps,
Black Basalt Natural Stone Steps,
Blue Ice Natural Stone Steps,
Brown Natural Stone Steps,
Brown Wave Natural Stone Steps,
Beige Natural Stone Steps,
Bronte Natural Stone Steps,
Bronze Natural Stone Steps,
Buff Natural Stone Steps,
Butterfly Natural Stone Steps,
Carbon Natural Stone Steps,
Carrara Natural Stone Steps,
Crema Natural Stone Steps,
Crema Nova Natural Stone Steps,
Dove Grey Natural Stone Steps,
Euroflame Natural Stone Steps,
Fine Grey Natural Stone Steps,
Fossil Natural Stone Steps,
Flint Natural Stone Steps,
Golden Prairie Natural Stone Steps,
Graphite Grey Natural Stone Steps,
Grey Natural Stone Steps,
Hampton Limestone Natural Stone Steps,
Imperial Black Natural Stone Steps,
Indus Grey Natural Stone Steps,
Ivory Natural Stone Steps,
Jet Black Natural Stone Steps,
Kota Black Natural Stone Steps,
Kota Blue Natural Stone Steps,
Kota Brown Natural Stone Steps,
Lavender Natural Stone Steps,
Mahogany Natural Stone Steps,
Mountain Black Natural Stone Steps,
Oak Natural Stone Steps,
Ontario Dark Grey Natural Stone Steps,
Paradiso Natural Stone Steps,
Red Wine Natural Stone Steps,
Saga Natural Stone Steps,
Salt & Pepper Natural Stone Steps,
Silver Grey Natural Stone Steps,
Silver Valley Natural Stone Steps,
Silver Valley Antique Natural Stone Steps,
Slate Grey Natural Stone Steps,
Sombre Natural Stone Steps,
Thermal Blue Natural Stone Steps,
Venetian Grey Natural Stone Steps,
Venetian Crema Natural Stone Steps,
Venetian Mist Natural Stone Steps,
White Natural Stone Steps,
Algonquin Brown Steps,
Amber Steps,
Antique Black Steps,
Autumn Brown Steps,
Basaltina Steps,
Black Basalt Steps,
Blue Ice Steps,
Brown Steps,
Brown Wave Steps,
Beige Steps,
Bronte Steps,
Bronze Steps,
Buff Steps,
Butterfly Steps,
Carbon Steps,
Carrara Steps,
Crema Steps,
Crema Nova Steps,
Dove Grey Steps,
Euroflame Steps,
Fine Grey Steps,
Fossil Steps,
Flint Steps,
Golden Prairie Steps,
Graphite Grey Steps,
Grey Steps,
Hampton Limestone Steps,
Imperial Black Steps,
Indus Grey Steps,
Ivory Steps,
Jet Black Steps,
Kota Black Steps,
Kota Blue Steps,
Kota Brown Steps,
Lavender Steps,
Mahogany Steps,
Mountain Black Steps,
Oak Steps,
Ontario Dark Grey Steps,
Paradiso Steps,
Red Wine Steps,
Saga Steps,
Salt & Pepper Steps,
Silver Grey Steps,
Silver Valley Steps,
Silver Valley Antique Steps,
Slate Grey Steps,
Sombre Steps,
Thermal Blue Steps,
Venetian Grey Steps,
Venetian Crema Steps,
Venetian Mist Steps,
White Steps

AVAILABLE - Steps / Front Entrance Steps / Backyard Steps

Texture / Finish
Natural Top Surface, Honed, Polished, Brushed, Tumbled, Sandblasted, Flamed, Acid Wash, Bush Hammered, Water Jet, Shot Blasted, Velvet, Leather.

Hand Dressed Chisled Facing, Rockfaced, Sawn

Sizes (approx lenght x width x thickness):
48" x 12", 48" x 14", 48" x 16", 60" x 12", 60" x 14", 60" x 16", 72" x 12", 72" x 14", 72" x 16", 72" x 18", 84" x 12", 84" x 14", 84" x 16", 96" x 12", 96" x 14", 96" x 16", 120" x 12", 120" x 14", 120" x 16" / 4', 5', 6', 7', 8' & 10'

150mm / 6 inch, 175mm / 7 inch

Due to natural stone characteristics, some variation in shade is inevitable.

    36" x 12" / 3' x 12" x 6" / 3' x 12, x 7",
    36" x 14" / 3' x 14" x 6" / 3' x 14, x 7",
    36" x 16" / 3' x 16" x 6" / 3' x 16, x 7",
    48" x 12" / 4' x 12" x 6" / 4' x 12, x 7",
    48" x 14" / 4' x 14" x 6" / 4' x 14, x 7",
    48" x 16" / 4' x 16" x 6" / 4' x 16, x 7",
    60" x 12" / 5' x 12" x 6" / 5' x 12, x 7",
    60" x 14" / 5' x 14" x 6" / 5' x 14, x 7",
    60" x 16" / 5' x 16" x 6" / 5' x 16, x 7",
    72" x 12" / 6' x 12" x 6" / 6' x 12, x 7",
    72" x 14" / 6' x 14" x 6" / 6' x 14, x 7",
    72" x 16" / 6' x 16" x 6" / 6' x 16, x 7",
    84" x 12" / 7' x 12" x 6" / 7' x 12, x 7",
    84" x 14" / 7' x 14" x 6" / 7' x 14, x 7",
    84" x 16" / 7' x 16" x 6" / 7' x 16, x 7",
    96" x 12" / 8' x 12" x 6" / 8' x 12, x 7",
    96" x 14" / 8' x 14" x 6" / 8' x 14, x 7",
    96" x 16" / 8' x 16" x 6" / 8' x 16, x 7",
    108" x 12" / 9' x 12" x 6" / 9' x 12, x 7",
    108" x 14" / 9' x 14" x 6" / 9' x 14, x 7",
    108" x 16" / 9' x 16" x 6" / 9' x 16, x 7",
    120" x 12" / 10' x 12" x 6" / 10" x 12" x 7",
    120" x 14" / 10' x 14" x 6" / 10" x 14" x 7",
    120" x 16" / 10' x 16" x 6" / 10" x 16" x 7"

    Thickness 150 mm & 175 mm
    Thickness 6", 7" & 8"
    Top Natural, Flamed, Sawn
    Top Sandblasted
    Top Shot Blasted
    Bottom Calibrated
    Bottom Gauged
    Edges Hand Dressed
    Edges Hand Cut
    Edges Machine Cut
    Edges Sawn
    Algonquin Brown Limestone Steps
    Algonquin Brown Steps
    Amber Granite Steps
    Amber Steps
    Antique Black Limestone Steps
    Antique Black Steps
    Autumn Brown Granite Steps
    Autumn Brown Sandstone Steps
    Autumn Brown Steps
    Beige Granite Steps
    Beige Limestone Steps
    Beige Sandstone Steps
    Beige Steps
    Black Granite Steps
    Black Limestone Steps
    Black Rain Granite Steps
    Black Rain Steps
    Black Sandstone Steps
    Blue Ice Granite Steps
    Blue Ice Limestone Steps
    Blue Ice Sandstone Steps
    Bronte Steps
    Bronte Steps
    Brown Granite Steps
    Brown Limestone Steps
    Brown Sandstone Steps
    Brown Steps
    Brown Wave Sandstone Steps
    Brown Wave Steps
    Buff Limestone Steps
    Buff Steps
    Chocolate Brown Steps
    Cream Granite Steps
    Cream Limestone Steps
    Cream Sandstone Steps
    Credit Valley Limestone Steps
    Credit Valley Sandstone Steps
    Credit Valley Steps
    Dana Black Granite Steps
    Dana Black Steps
    Dark Brown Steps
    Dark Gray Steps
    Dark Green Steps
    Dark Grey Steps
    Dove Gray Steps
    Dove Grey Steps
    Ebel Steps
    Ebony Granite Steps
    Ebony Steps
    Eramosa Steps
    Fine Grey Granite Steps
    Fine Grey Steps
    Flint Sandstone Steps
    Flint Steps
    Fossil Steps
    Gray Granite Steps
    Gray Limestone Steps
    Gray Sandstone Steps
    Gray Steps
    Green Granite Steps
    Green Limestone Steps
    Green Sandstone Steps
    Green Steps
    Grey Brown Steps
    Grey Granite Steps
    Grey Limestone Steps
    Grey Sandstone Steps
    Grey Steps
    Greyish Brown Steps
    Imperial Black Sandstone Steps
    Imperial Black Steps
    Imported Granite Steps
    Imported Limestone Steps
    Imported Sandstone Steps
    Indian Granite Steps
    Indian Limetone Steps
    Indian Sandstone Steps
    Indus Gray Steps
    Indus Grey Steps
    Kota Black Limestone Steps
    Kota Black Steps
    Kota Blue Steps
    Kota Brown Steps
    Lavender Sandstone Steps
    Lavender Steps
    Light Brown Steps
    Light Gray Steps
    Light Green Steps
    Light Grey Steps
    Mahogany Granite Steps
    Mahogany Steps
    Midnight Black Granite Steps
    Midnight Black Steps
    Midnight Steps
    Mint Steps
    New Jet Black Granite Steps
    New Jet Black Steps
    Owen Sound Limestone Steps
    Owen Sound Steps
    Paradiso Granite Steps
    Paradiso Steps
    Raj Green Sandstone Steps
    Raj Green Steps
    Red Steps
    Salt & Pepper Granite Steps
    Salt & Pepper Steps
    Slate Grey Sandstone Steps
    Slate Grey Steps
    Sombre Granite Steps
    Sombre Steps
    Strata Grey Steps
    Venetian Crema Steps
    Venetian Gray Steps
    Venetian Grey Steps
    Venetian Mist Steps
    White Steps
    Wiarton Eramosa Steps
    Wiarton Limestone Steps
    Wiarton Sandstone Steps
    Wiarton Steps
    Yellow Limestone Steps
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